Jo E. California

Don't deport everyone who enters US illegally

Don't deport everyone who enters US illegally

Dear Future President,

I am a junior high student from California. From my point of view, one of most important issues in the presidential election is immigration. I understand that we have many immigrants entering our country illegally. Some immigrants enter to get away from suffering and for that reason I believe we should not neglect and deport all immigrants from our country.

Immigration is a big problem because many people come to the United States, but many people can't get a good job because they don't have a social security numbers. I believe that everyone should have an opportunity to get a better life, even if they are not legal. Many people come here to work, like my friend's family. Many other people who come to work here can not. They don't get an opportunity because others judge them and think that they are bad people even if they are not. The president that we have right now has deported more than 2.5 million people (Anay). I think that the president should not deport all people because most of them have not done anything bad, and sadly many families are torn apart because of deportation.

In conclusion I believe that not all illegal immigrants should be deported. Only the people who come to our with bad intentions should be deported.



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