Steven R. California

Don't Let us be Next

This country is falling to pieces and we can avoid this just think back...

The United States has many flaws there is no doubt about that, but the U.S is a great nation as well there is no doubt. But are we heading down the drain just as our predecessors? We need to change the ways we look at this country before we repeat every mistake made in history. Many people overlook history thinking “Oh it happened a long time ago, so it doesn’t concern me” The fact is that everyone has repeated a mistake that others have avoided doing in history and with that knowledge we can dodge many problems that baffle our country to this day. Rome one of the greatest if not the greatest country in history fell to these problems but we are very similar to them, actually we basically copied them and their government.

So why is it that we seem to share the same fate as Rome? We are following Rome in their decline as a country, from imports being greater than exports to power shifting, slowly but surely the government is taking control. Don’t get me wrong we have learned an avoided certain problems such as allowing natural rights to people, abolishing slavery, and we’ve managed not to make as many enemies as they did. Plus we are even making more problems than they had to deal with such as global warming and overpopulation.

All of these contributed to the fall of Rome all starting from the inside of their country and we see it from ours as well. For starters government wise we are starting to see a shift in power and how it is used. In Rome there were three branches of government as ours does, but there was a corruption in the balance of power and self greed of the chair holders in the government. This is strikingly resembling the government we have established today. In Rome there were many revolts of the citizens and we see the overuse of violence in the roman army, we see today police brutality and an abuse of power against the people. This is no coincidence because we have copied Rome so much the U.S. is heading in a down hill the same as they did many years ago.

If this were not enough we have studied the trade of Rome seeing how ineffective it is toward the country economy and how it drove it to bankruptcy, yet we have dug this hole deeper than even the romans had. We are now 19.5 trillion dollars in debt, this will eventually come to bite us in the back when people come to collect and we can’t provide the funds to pay whoever we owe. Don’t let money be the cause of another war that will only end up destroying us further. This lifestyle, if we could call it of Rome is outdated and ineffective so why still use it?

To the next president whether it be Trump or Hillary just don't make these mistakes and don't follow the trails of Rome for we know what happened to Rome. Do something for this country and find it in you st save the one nation that in my opinion is worth saving. 

John Henry Francis Polytechnic High School

Honors English 10 B / Period 3

Sophomore English class in the magnet program of John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley, California.

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