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bias statistics in news and media

Plans to reduce the amount of incorrect and biased information which is broadcast on major news stations

Dear Next President of The United States

I would like to bring your attention to something I think is a serious issue in the country today, that being the amount of incorrect and biased information being broadcast on major news outlets. And we can all agree that this should be at least regulated

See, I believe based on other's statements and my own experiences that the news, be it paper, on television or on the internet, is the main way that people who have no communication with other racial and/or ethnic groups form opinions on those groups. So if there information delivered to them is incorrect and bias, on purpose or not, it can lead to incorrect biased and extremist ideals and opinions, with can lead to continued racism and violence and discrimination in our country.

Now, I am aware of the biggest issue with bringing up this problem which is that, well, how is one to come up with a law that regulates the issue, is cost effective to put into effect and is possible to enforce without contradicting the first amendment. Well, for the answer to that I will turn to the several different small scale experiments and solutions that I think could be used on a larger scale, one such solution being that we create national budgets for the news. therefore keeping businesses and corporations out of the picture and the influence of their money out of the situation, allowing the news to broadcast the truth as opposed to what pleases the sponsors.

Another way is to mandate that all major news stations that employ above a certain number, (a pretty low number) have to be split 50/50 between conservative and liberal, therefore there would be an even split of opinions in the writing, and therefore the news provided would be more even and fair for everyone, and because the two parties would have to work together, they would be exposed to each other and bias as a whole would be cut down on, which would reduce the amount of incorrect opinions formed about different types of people.

As a third option, I suggest we make mandatory a form of training against the “Color Blind” approach. Which is a strategy that bases its core off just treating everyone the same no matter the skin color. I know, that might sound counterproductive, but it has been shown in numerous studies that the color blind approach does not work, and instead causes a form of reciprocal effect that causes even more violence and problems.

So, in conclusion, I believe that if we can solve the problem of bias and incorrect statistics and reporting, we can help cut down on general racism, violent racism, racial discrimination, cultural discrimination, nationality based discrimination, religious discrimination, along with every other disparity and discrepancy that can be caused by incorrect ideals by simply evening out the news and removing bias from our information stream.

Thank you for your time,

Gavin P. Tittle

New Technology High School

American Studies

New Tech High's Junior class. This is a team taught US History and Literature class.

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