Daisy California

Dying to Be Free

Change immigration policies to give hope where hope has been lost

Dear future president,

A change I would like to see is opening borders and opening hope to undocumented immigrants already living in the U.S. Opening borders would change the lives of many, because it would open up options for individuals to achieve their American dream. This would not only change my personal life, but many other lives as well. Our world would really change if opening borders were to be reality. More family reunions would occur, and family members will not be left behind. American dreams would be easier to achieve. People would be able to have hope in changing their life and maybe even seeing their family members again.

There should of course be an extent to this law, such as background checks before letting people in and out of the country. However, high security would be required to monitor who enters and leaves. Many people suffer with immigration issues. Personally, immigration has always been one of my number one American troubles.

My own parents will never see their parents again, and my mother lost hope. It's been about thirty years since my mother last saw her own family, and during that time, her parents passed away. How would you feel if you weren't able to see your family ever again? Can you imagine constantly wondering when will you see each other, if you will ever see each other again? Is there hope? People have to risk their own lives just to see their family again or achieve their American dream.

Additionally, many people are risking their lives crossing the border to the United States. But many people donโ€™t make it to the other side. According to the United States border patrol, 1,954 people die crossing the U.S. border from Mexico. Studies have found that 5,100 U.S. born kids of undocumented immigrants are forced into foster homes after their parents have been deported.

At the end of the day, we are all humans seeking opportunity and change. You have the power to make our world a better place and give hope where there is none. Please make a difference and help the lives of many.

Sincerely, Daisy