Cynthia T. California

Education Rights for Women Internationally

In many countries women are not granted the right to an education due to poverty. In many cases women are viewed as housewives. They marry at a young age to take on that role rather than receiving an education.

Dear Future President:

The are many countries that don't allow women the right to education. Countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Egypt and many more, believe that women should marry at a young age and learn how to attend their husband and children, rather than attend school. These young ladies are not encouraged to attend school, and there aren't many jobs for them after finishing school. In Guatemala 15.6% of women are educated, compared to the 21% of educated men. Guatemala is also very poor and if a family has enough money to send one of their children to school, it usually tends to be boys.

My grandma was a victim of being allured into marrying young and not finishing school. My grandma's dream was to at least finish middle school.  However, on top of the horrible economy in Mexico, conditions did not provide her enough money to pay for her education. Although my Grams fled from marrying young, her parents forced her to work and help support her family.   She saw many of her friends compelled to marry young and have children.

In 2012 Malala, a 19 year old education activist from Pakistan, was shot in the forehead for attending school in Northwest Pakistan. She and her father were education advocates and spoke to children about the importance of education. Malala and her family received many death threats for allowing her and advocating for other girls to attend school. Fortunately Malala survived the  wound. She now she raises and coordinates funds to build schools for children in many underfunded and poor Middle Eastern countries.

As the next President, you should tell  people to spread awareness about going to school and its importance. Despite the fact that equal education is not a serious an issue in the United States, we should set an example to other countries who believe the opposite. We could also help these other countries by helping to fund them to build more schools especially since most of these countries are poor and do not have enough money for their children to receive an education.


Cynthia Torres

The Preuss School UCSD

Block 6

AP English Lit & Comp, B Day

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