Kevin Aleman California


My opinion about why to not send the immigrants back to there home state.

Dear Future President,

My name is Kevin Alexander Aleman, and I live in San Jose, CA. I am writing you because America is is full of different of people that don’t have papers to stay here and are here illegally, and I believe we shouldn’t deport immigrants because we all deserve a better life here in America . When you are president, I hope that you will help Americans by doing or keep DACA or DAPA or any other things that will help the Immigrants stay here legally. In my experience, I have seen many parents that have come here to the U.S just for their children like me, to have a better future, and to not suffer what their home country had. Like Poverty, Death, Gangs, Work that made the kids couldn’t go to school to get education.

Immigrants that are here in the U.S is an important issue in America because many Immigrants are scared to go get a job, because they know immigration is going to deport them, and that seperates family, for example one of my uncles named Mardoqueo Aleman, he wanted to cross the border because he wants to help my grandma survive, and he wants to see my grandma at least one more time before it's too late and she passes away. I believe we should be fair and let the immigrants at least be residents here from the U.S because so every person that thinks of the U.S they can say that the U.S is very fair and do help the fellow immigrants . According to the immigrants, it can be said that all they want or all we want is get a job that we can work here, and let our kids have a better education and a better life than from our home state. Some people that understand our situation demonstrate that they want us to all be residents here so we can participate in American Events, like in this case The Elections, which we want to have the residency to have the right to vote to. Based on research . I’ve found out people ask the question, “Are the Immigrants key to better Democracy?” This draws my attention to the fact that I say that this is true because according to the article it says, “Immigrants have helped us, because without them, our economy wouldn’t have rosen, and without them, we wouldn’t have that good food they make” which for sure tacos wouldn’t exist without us Hispanic Immigrants, but not just all, but all immigrants from all parts of the world.

In conclusion, future president all I want is to not send immigrants back to they were, and try to make us at least try to let us participate in the election and let us have residency. When you are president, I hope that you will support laws that will help the immigrants stay here and help America grow. I also hope that you will take this in consideration, and read this, because for me, I am a son of Immigrant parents, which wanted me to have a better future, and that’s all I ask for, to let Immigrants stay here in the U.S, because the only way we can be stronger together or to make America great again is to keep our families together.


Kevin Alexander Aleman

P.S If you could can answer back that will be great.