Funds for college

This is a letter about college

Dear future Mr. or Madam President,

All throughout the world families can’t afford to send their child to college. I believe the US should give a small amount of money to these families. I know that there is financial aid but that doesn’t pay for all of the costs. There are things that do help families though. Some examples are grants, loans, scholarships, work/study jobs, and financial aid. In addition you can receive these things from the Federal Government, State Government, the college or university, parent employer, etc. Although to get any of these you either have to be poor, smart, or talented. What if you don’t get a grant, loan, etc? What will you do? How will you pay for college? What if you are not that intelligent or smart?

Some students don’t go to college! 12 percent of high school students don’t even enroll in college. This is due to they either can’t afford the amount that has to be paid or are not smart enough to receive a scholarship (“Langfield”). A large amount of kids that don’t enroll in college are mainly male. Although in a high school about 79 percent enroll in college and 88% enroll when they are 20 years old.

In 1975-76 tuition for private non profit schools was $10,088. Between 1980 to 1996 the price has raised $8,679. From 2000 to 2016 it has raised $10,208 ("Tuition”). Once families pay for the tuition how will they pay for food and books? Since parents can’t afford the amount the college is asking for, 80% of college students pay for college themselves. Four out of five students work while going to school so they can afford the tuition.

Even the tuition for public schools has raised from about $2,000 to $9,000. Although even tuition is not as much as private non profit schools it’s still alot, and parents or guardians can afford it.

In conclusion tuition is high and parents/guardians can’t afford all the cost. We need to do something about this problem so we can help those families send their child to college and get the education they need.