H.P Louisiana

College Tuition's Effect on a Young Adult's Life

Student loans and the corporatocracy.

Dear Future Mr./Mrs President,

I myself have experienced first hand everything this school system has to throw at me. As a freshman in highschool, I have gone through various standardized tests and all the stresses of being a student. But in a couple of years, I will have to tackle probably one of the hardest things in a young adult's life. College. The assignments and homework will all pile up. Making my life way more stressful than it already is. But what about after college? My stress has to end there right?

Well the answer to that is no. With the current status of college tuition that stress may carry on for much, much longer. I may have to take out student loans. These might stop me from completing very important milestones in my life. In fact, Chris Pumphrey in the article “Tuition Talk: Side Effects of College Costs” says, “40% of young adults delay buying a home because of debt.” Just this alone shows how much student loan debt can affect the future of a young adult.

And this is only the start of it. My family isn’t the most financially stable family in the world. So my parents and I are going to have to work very hard just to send me to college. With the increasing of tuition it is almost impossible to work up enough money. In the article “Why does a college degree cost so much?” John W. Schoen states that, “The average cost of tuition and fees at a private, nonprofit, four-year university this school year was $31,231—up sharply from $1,832 in 1971-1972”. This is a big gap in the cost of tuition. This sum of money is very hard to come by.

These companies are eating up all of our money just so we have a chance to move up on the ladder. Basically, these banks and other businesses are profiting off of the struggles of the poor. Thus ensuring that them and their families keep their rich lives and the poor stay poor so that the rich can prosper. These ideologies are causing America to rot from the inside. Since college is so expensive now, people decide just to not go even though well paying jobs look for degrees. So they stay doing the same old jobs that give them not a lot of money. While they are stuck eating whatever they can afford these companies are eating well just because they have taken advantage of our current education status.

These issues will not go away by themselves. We need the help of you Mr./Ms. President. We need to pull America out of this economical hole so that not only the rich can prosper. I believe that everybody in this country should have an equal opportunity in life. The hardworking should prosper. We can’t let the ones making all the money stay laying down doing nothing while the poor are working themselves to death just to make ends meat. We together must rise against this aged system and from a new one out of the ashes. One that lets people go to college and make a new future for themselves without having the burden of student loans on their back. If this trend continues the number of poor will continue to increase. So now I ask you president. Will you sit back and watch the chaos unfold or will you take the needed steps to end this corporatocracy and make America that our founding fathers dreamt it would be. A nation where all people are truly equal.