Jordan H.

NASA Underfunding

NASA needs more funds.

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

Hello, this letter will talk about NASA being underfunded, why I think NASA’s budget should be raised, and what I think you should do about it. I think NASA should be funded more. Currently their budget is $19.3 billion(Granath). This is not good; NASA’s budget was already low at $19.6 billion dollars. And now $300,000,000 dollars has been taken away from NASA. With budget cuts like this NASA will have to postpone some of their projects unless they get more money. NASA estimated that the Journey to Mars mission would cost about $100 billion(“Should NASA Ditch Manned Missions to Mars?”); that is more than NASA’s current budget. We can’t get to this goal if we don’t give NASA the money and resources they need to get to it. There are plenty of benefits of going to Mars, one of them being finding new life that we can learn more about. We have been talking about a trip to Mars for years and without a great deal of money NASA won’t be able to. If we paid NASA at least half of what we give the military, we could have a manned mission to Mars in five years. The United States Armed Forces has a budget of $601 billion. We already have the best military in the world, we should give NASA a chance to be just as good. NASA’s budget could be raised to 300 billion dollars they could get to Mars in a five year mission.

I understand that you are not in control of the budget, but you could convince congress to raise the budget. I know that this is hard to do, but a lot of people are concerned about this issue. More people need to speak out about it, and with the President of The United States supporting their issue we could convince congress together. I would like to lower the budget of the military in order to to raise the budget of not only NASA, but science and research. The military is already great, and lowering the budget by a few million dollars won’t hurt it, but instead will help it. Science and technological advances will help our forces dominate in battle. It is not only important to have firepower, but to have the technology to develop them, and research create new weapons, vehicles, and tech.

I hope that you agree with me, and we can find a solution to this problem. Congratulations on your win, and good luck.