Gun violence

This is a letter about gun violence in America and how dangerous people can be if guns are in the wrong hands.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

My name is Quinn and I am a seventh grade student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I believe that the United States of America can become very dangerous because of the people stupid enough to murder other people.

About 36 innocent people die daily just because of other people willing to go and shoot someone (Mascia). The gun to death rate in the United States is 10.54 per 100,000 people (“Deaths”). That’s the highest it's ever been and also that rate is even bigger than the car accident to death rate.

It’s not just adults killing people and getting killed, it’s teens, kids, and toddlers too. This year, 756 people under the age of 18 have been shot and killed (Mascia). People under 18 have even been honored for their bravery. For example Zaevion Dobson was a 15 year old football player from Knoxville, Tennessee who was shot. He got honored at the ESPYS because he shielded three of his friends from being shot and he took the bullets and all of the girls survived without a mark (Imam). This is why we don’t need let people open carry guns. People would just be tempted to kill other because they're allowed to carry a gun around and especially kids and teenagers.

People are willing to go out and kill people. People shouldn’t be able to just go to any store and buy an ak47. They should have to get a license to buy, open carry, and carry one. If none of these things happen, the deaths caused by guns will continue to become more common. Do people in America really want to have people die daily just because people want to go kill someone? The criminals shouldn’t even get their hands on guns because they will tempted to kill someone. I’m not saying that you should ban guns from everyone because, but the people who are criminals should not be able to have possession of a gun. The Congress should pass a law that makes everyone who owns a gun have to a license to carry and have to store it in a safe location where only you know how to get it.