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Cheaper College for Students?

My letter adresses college tuition for students and talks about how expensive it is for families to pay for education.

Dear Next President,

An issue that I feel needs to be addressed as you enter the office is the cost of attending college for students. The rise in college costs are causing students to drop out of school because they are unable to afford it. Everyone should be able to have an education and most students coming out of high school are unable to have a more advanced one. A lot of talented students who are very likely to succeed in life are getting shot down by the very expensive costs.

For example, in, “President proposes two years of free college for students” former President Obama had a plan in the beginning of 2015 to make the first two years of community college free. He worked with different states and you could see that he was concerned about his citizens. He was trying to fix this problem. Unfortunately, it would be very hard to get enough money for the students and the plan did not move forward. Right now, many adults with families and jobs are still paying off their college tuition/ student loans and are well in their thirties or forties.

Also, what about big families? Imagine being the parents of four to six kids and it would be your job to pay for all of them to be successful.The cheapest cost of college tuition is around $9,400.00… and if you do the math, that’s a lot of to be sending off your six kids off to college. You wouldn’t want to be the one to decide which of your kids gets a future and which ones don’t. Better yet, what if you were a single mom or dad with two children. The only income would be coming from you and if you didn’t have the best of job… well then what would happen with the kids? Would they just have to settle with just “okay” jobs when they could’ve gone to college and been lawyers or doctors?

Now I am not saying that college should be one-hundred percent free for everybody, but lowering college tuition would make the United States a very productive working environment with income going into more households. After all, isn’t that what you would want? For your country to thrive and be prosperous? We can not make this change alone, we need your help and support but together things can and will change . I hope that you will consider this idea of lowering college costs.



Lusher Charter School


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