Ava L. Wisconsin

College Tuition deductions need to be established by our next president!

This letter is addressing the cost of college tuition, and the deductions that our next president should make for students planning to go to college. It's very expensive, and I feel that the children of our country should be able to pay and go to college.

Dear Future President, 

College tuition expenses are incredibly high, and only 65.9% of high school students attend college. Now, that percent could increase if college expenses were lowered. A majority of students futures are limited because they can't afford the expenses to be successful. In fact, the costs keep increasing throughout the country and it has been happening for decades. The result in that matter is 17% of college students have earned their undergraduate degree. But students always have the option of borrowing a student loan, but payments come along with it and it's a hassle. These costs need to be lowered for my sake and others! 

The average cost of a private college is $32,405 and $23,893 for public universities. Which in some minds that's the price of a car or house, but it's the price of our education. According to Andrew Jensen, business and marketing consultant, "A college degree is widely considered to be a necessity." In that matter, I'm more then defintely going to take advantage of that and use that "necessity" to get my college degree. He also tends to mention that "Talented individulas who otherwise might not have been able to finance their college educations, could actually be contributing to the problem of rising tution costs." That stament is a huge factor of why our tuitions are so high and need to be lowered.

To conclude, it's out of hand for many middle class families to afford for more advanced educations. It's becoming even more impossible because public colleges tuitons have risen four times. Again acorrding to New York Times, " Rising college tuition is a personal problem.. Too many young adults are not going to college or don't graduate because they can't afford it." Many adults can't help our society with their jobs because they never got their degrees to presue those jobs and sometimes couldn't afford it. Our country can even benefit if they got their degree, and became even more educated after college. Our population could be more stable and balenced, if college tuitions were lowered and everyone could afford the expenses. Next president of the United States, please deduct the expenses of college tutions.


 Ava L.


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