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Gun Violence

What will become of humanity if gun violence increases to a point where people are afraid of stepping out of their own houses?

Dear Next President,

      What will become of humanity if gun violence increases to a point where people are afraid of stepping out of their own houses, or having a loved one shot at or even killed. This is what people fear everyday of their lives if not for their family. It’s time to take action for theses citizens. According to Brady’s Campaign, “There are about 31 americans in the U.S. that are killed by a firearm everyday”. That is not acceptable there is no reason why innocent people should pay the consequence just because they haven’t reinforced any firearm laws. This has affected thousands of families, and they count on you for this not to happen. I know it’s not your obligation to keep an eye on everyone who owns a gun, but it is your responsibility to keep all citizens safe.

     According to Brady’s campaign to prevent Gun Violence reported that, “A gun in a home is 22 times more likely to be used to kill or injure in a domestic homicide, than to be used in self-defence.” So it’s more likely that someone will use a gun from their home to commit a crime or suicide, rather than use it for protection. They are at a larger risk of dying than people who don’t own a gun.

     U.S. is home to nearly a third of world’s mass shootings, a study from Fox6Now, found “That while the U.S. has 5% of the world's population, it also has 31% of all public mass shootings, we’ve seen 136 mass shootings in the first 164 days of this year.” This article was done on June 13, 2016 and so it is very recent to today, the article describes “mass shootings” as “a shooting that killed four or more people.” That title pretty much says it all.

     There should be a change in gun control, stricter laws, and more restrictions on specific firearms to prevent anymore deaths. It is proven that states with weaker gun laws are the ones with the highest rates of firearm deaths than those who have more stricter laws. There are about 10 states that have taken action and have received good results, thanks to the Brady Campaign and have improved a lot ever since they made that change. Deseret News reported that there has been a major improvement on gun violence over the last five years, but that is still 10 out of 50 states that have participated in this campaign. What happened to the other 40 states that didn’t take action?

    “I know that guns don’t kill people, but it’s people that kill people,” and “if guns were banned, it wouldn’t keep criminals from obtaining them. It would just leave all good citizens defenseless against criminals.” These are all typical arguments used against gun control, but we have to accept that not all people are going to use it the right way or for protection, but rather for violence. Both sides of gun violence prove a point, but we have to accommodate both sides of the arguments to ensure citizens safety.

    My proposition to you is that stricter gun laws should be made, I’m not saying that we should ban all guns, all I’m saying is that we should reinforce them by requiring permits that have to be renewed every month by the police department, not allowing concealed carry permits by other states, and improving better background checks and mental health evaluations.This would have a great impact as it has been tested in other states except for the last two, but it would prevent numerous amounts of deaths all over the U.S. I have made my proposition to you, now it all lies in your hands as you are the next president, you became president for a that same reason of wanting to make a change in the world. You now have the power to do so, but it lies in you favor if it becomes possible. 

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