Priya California

Poverty: An unwinnable fight?

Poverty is loss of education, nutrition, house, clothing and work.

Dear Future President, 

I haven’t heard much about poverty in the presidential debates. I am very concerned about this issue in particular. I want to know what is your input on this topic since no one has talked about this in the campaigns or the debates this year. I want to see our country, as well as other countries, stable economically.

Global Stratification is spreading like a fire in this world and nothing is being done to stop this fire from spreading. There are sixty-two nations living in poverty. Low income countries earn only one percent of the world’s income. In many situations, children are the providers in the family; for example, child labor is one of the biggest problems in India. The population of one half of the low income countries are malnourished. Low income countries are twelve percent of the world’s population.

Our country has always been the one country to help other countries to develop. But we recently have found out that we are also facing poverty in this country. When I am going home, I see beggars on the street with a board saying ‘I am homeless. Need money to eat.’ This makes me think about the inequality in this country. My cousins in India think that there aren’t any poor people in this country since the United States is the richest country in the world. These beggars with empty stomach are making me disagree with the statement that United States is the richest country in the world.

People from all around the world come to the United States to fulfill their dreams, but some people who are born here aren’t having the best of life. People are unsuccessful because only one percent of the population has more than the sum of other ninety nine percent of the population. People from the average income or low income class aren’t able to pay for college, and if our generation can’t go to college how will they be successful in this country?

I want to know, Mr. or Mme. President, are we going to stop global stratification? Are we going help our country first? Will we become isolated from other countries? Will college be free for the poor? Will poor people ever become middle class at the least? How will poverty be eliminated from this country? Is there a way to help beggars? Will America stay the richest country even though there are more people in the average or low income category? This is up to you. We have to make America great again. 



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