Suzanna California

Gun Control

I'm writing a letter tot the president about my thoughts and opinion on gun control

Dear Future President,

I want to something with you that is very important to me and I think that it is something that the world should focus on a little more. I want to talk to you about guns. Guns aren’t needed in people’s life, well in my opinion. I get that we have guns for protection for example, wild animals. But people are now using it on humans, on our kind. Guns should just stick to hunters. It’s for men/women who shoot ducks, boars, elk,etc. Not people, and it’s not just that, people with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) go through something that was hard for them and sometimes they can’t take it or other times they take it out on something/someone else.

People who go through anxiety and depression have a lot thing going in their head, whether they’re broken hearted or other reasons have stuff going on thinking that they’re not good enough making them want to end things there. Or hurting others. I like to read articles and I read an article about a boy who just got heartbroken by his ex-girlfriend. His ex-girlfriend was at a party and he went by and shot her and 2 other boys. He was then arrested right before he was about to commit suicide.

Guns aren’t bad but the people who own/have them cause the damage. It just doesn’t hurt the person but also their family and friends. Nowadays you see video games and little things that don’t seem harmless but it can influence kids, raise their curiosity and things can go bad. My brother plays video games that include guns in them and he wanted to shoot a gun, just because he thought it looked cool in a video game. I trust my brother because he went through this whole process to get a gun and went to school for it. So he know how to use a gun, but other people don’t go through that process, others just go and get it illegally or they just buy one. If we want to have guns people should go through the same process my brother did and have all of these background checks because I know that criminal or people who have gone to jail can still go out and buy a gun! It’s not right, people like that shouldn’t just go out and buy a gun.

Like I said before, there are hunters out there who go out and kill animals for their families and that’s okay, but I still think that they ALL need to get their hunting license, because nowadays they can just own a gun. Hunters are fine it’s just people who live in towns, who have 8 guns in their house for “safety” reasons. There are other thing to use, there is always another answer. People just try to use the other way out.

There are a lot of families out there who are hurting, just because somebody was stupid and used a weapon in the wrong way. I don’t think that our world needs guns. Hopefully my thoughts changed your mind about how you see people who have guns or maybe it didn’t. I just think that there is always another answer and guns aren’t they way to go.

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