Josue B. California

Gun control

New studies show that banning guns will increase crime rates.

 Dear Mr. or Mrs. President.

You should know that gun control is currently a big topic that’s talked about in today's time. There are those who admire guns because they love the way they work, or because it protects them. Then there are those that hate guns simply because a person can misuse one and kill someone with it. There are also unnecessary laws that have been getting passed out like banning accessories because they’re scary or they help in combat. Banning a grip or parts of a stock because they scare people will not decrease the current murder rate by a spec. We also have politics against guns, who own guns themselves. I personally cannot take some seriously. Like Dianne Feinstein. She is a hard gun control advocate trying to disarm us. She was inside a building educating people about guns with a demonstration of a gun. How can she disarm us when she doesn’t know how to even hold one. She had a gun pointed at the audience, finger on the trigger, and safety was off. I have three reasons why I believe our gun control system is unnecessary.

First reason would argue against the belief that crime rates will go down. According to 40% of criminals have decided to back off on committing a crime because they felt intimidated by the victim that had a gun. Every year, Crime victims use guns to defend themselves at least 989,883 times.Studies from The current homicide rate is 1 in every 285 americans murdered in the course of their lives. Disarming the law abiding citizens will do nothing but leave guns to the criminals. Vulnerability is not fun. There are also people that say we have police so we don’t need guns. Why would I call a man/woman with a gun to come and save my life when I can have my own. That’s basically saying that we don’t need fire extinguishers because we have firemen.

Second reason will show how the US can’t compare with countries like Australia. Each country has its own affairs. Australia has to deal with nothing compared to what the US has to deal with. The US has a lot more gang violence, terrorism, mass shootings, and much more. So the only way that can stop that is with more guns. School shooting? Place some armed guards. There is nothing wrong with that at all. It’s sad to see people die over the weekend because they didn’t have a gun to their waste.Do people want us to be like Mexico, Indonesia, Honduras, Brazil, and much more!! Where they have more than 10 murders per 100,000 citizens. Why is it like that? Because only people that don’t care about the law at all have guns illegally. The real solution to less gun violence will be strict background checks. The man that shot up the night club in Orlando was in the FBI’s radar twice, and was still able to buy a gun. That gives a really bad name to those who use guns properly. Yet again, if someone in that nightclub had a concealed or open carry license they would’ve killed the maniac and saved many people’s innocent lives.

My final piece of argument shows how we are coming up with unnecessary laws that do no good. Stock attachments, picatinny rails, barrel extensions and much more!! What am I going to do with a picatinny rail? Beat someone with it? Stock attachments are getting banned because they look scary. That shows how little our government knows about guns. Banning rifles will do no good to crime rates either. claims that 80% of homicides are done by handguns, and only 3% are done with rifles. The rest of the 17% are done with stuff like knives, baseball bats, or something more reliable than a gun.

What I just said explains why banning guns will do no good to the US. I proved it with statistics and other facts. It’s pretty simple. A gun cannot kill someone. 

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