dariana g. California

Mexican immigrants

Mexican immigrants should have the same opportunities as everyone in the United States. The future president can help make that happen

Dear future president,

What are immigrants? According to Google an immigrant is a person who comes to live in a foreign country permanently. To me an immigrant is someone who can’t live in their own country and seeks out to find a better place.

Immigration is seen as an issue, to me that is the problem. The United States is made up of immigrants from around the world. Right now in 2016 Mexican immigrants are the ones that are targeted. During this presidential election a lot was said about Mexican immigrants. Quoting Donald Trump who is currently running for president “ They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapist ”. Stereotyping an entire race off one person is not right. I want the next president running to be understanding, to understand why people come to the United states. If you’re asking why should you care. Here’s why you will be president, you want your people on your side, not against you.

The fact that the U.S. is the center for immigration will never change. They see this as a place of opportunities, a place of hope. If the United States was just made up of one race nothing would be special about it. According to migration policy institute, Mexican immigrants are by far the largest immigration group in this country. They are not coming here to steal jobs or commit crime. They are coming here to better their life. I come from parents who are Mexican immigrants, My family are good people. I can’t stand to hear the horrible things others say about my people.

Future president make sure everyone is able to have the same opportunities. People come to the United States for a future. Mexican immigrants have their limitations on things. They can’t get jobs because they don’t have their papers or an american citizenship. Make it possible for them to get that. They come here with nothing, if they can’t get a job to support themselves or their family the U.S. doesn’t meet their expectations. The whites in this country are saying we’re stealing their jobs but were taking the job they won’t. The national farm worker ministry say, that six out of ten of our country's farm workers are undocumented. Mexican immigrants would take any job just to get by.

I don’t agree with anyones negative opinions on Mexicans but I do see why they would think such bad things. Cultures are going to be different and people from this race don’t always make the smartest choices. For example having a drug lord as a big icon who represents the mexican population is going to make people think we’re all the same. Mexican immigrants still want to come to the United States even though they hear stories about Caucasians shooting up elementary schools.

Support making getting a citizenship easier for Mexican immigrants, they would get the same opportunities as everyone else. They would be able to support themselves, make that possible for them to do so. Poverty would go down, so much good will come out of this.