Matthew California

Too Much Gun Violence In America

There's been many shootings at many places where there is terrorists attacks, but we should make a law. A law where there should be a policy.

Dear future president,

In America there has been many tragic things or actions that have been involved with guns. There has been too much attacks which are very tragic, families desperate, and more attacks might come. But there can be an end to it by having a law where there might be a gun policy on how people can only have a hand gun not like a AK-47. I wish that there can be a stop to this. I want to see a stop to this because Iv'e seen many things on the "Trending" page on youtube it shows a video of many people attacking at not behaving with guns. This must stop because I think no one should get killed by a gun or any type of weapon because it's not right.

According to USA Today it states that "Voters in four states will decide on proposed gun restrictions next month, as gun-safety proponents, often rebuffed by Congress and state officials, increasingly turn to ballot initiatives to push passage of stricter firearms laws. Also it stated that "Gun-safety advocates say the wave of new ballot initiatives β€” along with intensifying focus on the issue in the presidential race and in a handful of hotly contested U.S. Senate races β€” mark a dramatic shift from a little more than three years ago when the Senate defeated a compromise plan to ban some semi-automatic weapons and expand background checks."

Finally I will give reasons on how we can make a policy or a law on how we can end gunviolence in america, and how it will affect america. These reasons are my opinions so they might not be the best but I think it might be the right ideas for gun control, and gun policy. By having these situations solved I would be happy and happy for other people because when they have seen a law about guns passed on the ballot they would be glad that there would't be anymore violence. 

  • There can be a limit on how much guns people can have
  • There can be only specific guns people can have
  • Hava a special permit to have and or hold a gun
  • May have permission from someone to shoot or hold a gun
  • The "unspecific" guns can go to the army, etc.


Matthew S