Eddie Maryland

Transgenders and the World

All around the world, especially in America, transgenders have to struggle everyday to live in a trans-hating world.

Dear Next President,

The hate towards transgenders is very real in today’s society. With the number of transgenders being killed because of their gender, their rights need to be more known and understood. How can you stop this, you may ask? Hopefully, I can help you get some.

Transgenders, on a daily basis, have to deal with the reality of living in a trans-hating world. For example, in the past, transgenders were arrested or even forced into insane asylums due to their gender. Also, in 33 states, transgenders aren’t protected from being fired from their job because of their gender. Also, in a report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS), they stated many struggles of transgenders. For example, out of all the respondents- and all respondents being transgender- 44% couldn’t get a job, 81% of them lost a job, and 71% are unemployed and have lost a job.

There are many causes as to why such events are happening. Some reasons are due to misconceptions, such as transgenders just being cross dressers or they’re just gay. Another reason is that the public lacks the understanding of transgender people. Some effects to those misconceptions and more being harassment and abuse of transgenders, escaping abuse through drugs and alcohol, and sadly much more.

But, there are some good things going on in at least the Unite States right now. For example, according to an article from BBC News, at the University of North Carolina, transgenders are now allowed to use their gender’s bathroom in school. This rule allowed all students and staff to use their correct bathroom according to their gender identity. Even though there are negatives, such as Russia’s views on transgenders and Texas’ attorney general fighting to get rid of a similar rule in Texas that’s similar to the University’s, there’s still some light trying to shine through.

So, please, next President, I hope you can promote transgender rights and at least support the idea. That alone and maybe even have teachings in schools about transgenders can help us all realize how important transgenders are. They’re human, just like everyone else, and deserve a chance at living life to its fullest.


Willow a.k.a. Eddie