Kaleb Maryland

America Needs More Nuclear Power Plants

America is relying on fossil fuels that are polluting the planet and we can replace them with clean nuclear energy.

Letter to President

The United States of America is a nation currently powered by fossil fuels. Unfortunately these fuels produce an incredibly large amount of carbon dioxide that has been polluting the Earth and they will run out. America and all the other countries on Earth need to stop this large problem by just using cleaner and actually renewable energy unlike the fossil fuels that take millions of years to form.

The largest source of energy in America is the burning of fossil fuels followed by several smaller renewable power sources like nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, and solar. I believe nuclear is the way that America should go. People all over the world are afraid of nuclear energy because they think it is like a nuclear bomb but instead is entirely different. Nuclear power plants use radioactive elements like the most popular, uranium, to heat water so the steam can turn turbines. The only downsides to this are that the Uranium or other element needs to be disposed of every few years and it costs a lot to make the power plants. The expense though is later paid by the profits and the radioactive elements can be safely disposed of, unlike the carbon dioxide that fossil fuels produce.

Because nuclear energy has had its name tainted by the infamous nuclear weapons, so many people have been opposed to it and no one has been able to clear its name yet. A Wikipedia page, “Nuclear power in the United States”, states; there are 100 nuclear power plants in America right now and they are producing 19.50% of the country’s power and 33% of the world’s nuclear power. Global worming has become such a big issue on Earth I think we need to do our part and stop releasing the Carbon Dioxide gasses that are eating away the atmosphere of our planet. From doing this we could get about the same amount of power, or more, for the country without that much pollution. I urge you, the President of the United States to help support these power plants and help us get more clean energy.