Brianna O. Maryland

College tution

Why is college tution so costly?

Dear President,

There are very many issues that need to be fixed. An issue I think that needs to be addressed is how much American students pay for college tuition. Most people have either experienced or know someone who has experienced the pain of having to pay for college tuition. College tuition puts many students in debt. If this gets any worse, fewer students will be able to continue with their education. Those who wish to have higher education should not have to pay a lot to get it. We need to think of solutions as a nation to make higher education more available to everyone.

Seven out of ten students who graduate college are left with nearly $30,000 of debt (per student)according to The Institute for College Access & Success (TICAS). Seventy percent of former students have to work really hard and put their hard-earned money into repaying their loan, rather than spending it on food, clothes, or any other stuff they may need. These high costs discourage people from going to college even though they may really want further education or training. Tuition at a private college university is now roughly three times as expensive as it was in 1974. To attend a 4-year college in state the yearly tuition fees were approximately 1,405 dollars in 1971. Currently, the yearly cost of going to an in-state 4 year college has nearly gone up by  $18,143. College tuition has gone up way too much. Although college tuition prices are slowly coming down, we still need to make it more affordable for everyone.

College tuition definitely needs to be lowered and not be so expensive. If students could further their education without having to pay such high amounts of money, then students would have a much more money to spend on other goods. We need to find a solution so that college tuition isn't so expensive. If college tuition was not so expensive students would not stress as much and they would have an easier life. So we need to lower college tuition TODAY!


Brianna Ott