Bret Digiorno New Hampshire

SJWs are ruining America

Social justice is overdone. (TRIGGER WARNING)

Letter to big boss:

Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of not only the American constitution, but the American way. We have seen many Americans use this as a tool to enlighten the nation and help us progress further as a society. These struggles include women's suffrage, racism and other social issues. With there being more information and privilege in the world than ever before, a trend is being seen where people have taken fighting issues as a hobby. As a result, there is more of an aggressive push for the progressive ideals to become the norm than ever before. This all sounds good, but with it comes its own flavor of intolerance. This push, mostly being seen in higher education, has started to preach the idea of an ultra-sensitive America while relentlessly criticizing those who try to bring controversial topics to the table.

The pro-sensitivity culture being promoted has many real life effects, the major one being the censorship that is being imposed. The scary thing is that these impositions are coming from the “progressive” side of the spectrum. The people who want most to end the social issues in America are creating an even larger problem, a willing ignorance to real life topics in hopes to secure a “safe” bubble for themselves or those who they feel they are protecting. One example of this would be push back in the Harvard law program about rape law. Harvard law students have pushed back on the rape law portion of the curriculum due to the apparent offensive nature of the lessons. Not only would the suggested neglect of the lessons be counter-intuitive to the progressive nature of these very students but it also lends itself to a dangerous regression in society.

The pro-coddling mentality is leading us to a more ignorant society. People who spend more time thinking about how to make the world more sensitive are not only wasting whatever potential they themselves have but also holding back others who desire to fix real world issues instead of ignoring them. The real issue with the whitewashing of reality is that it creates a space where ignorance is inherent. The people who would be able to defend rape victims or bridge cultural divides now must fight another hurdle just to get past the censorship to simply understand the issue. We are not protecting people by pushing for a more sensitive society, we are handicapping America as a whole for the sake of a few people's ideas.

This is a difficult issue to solve as there is no law to be passed that would fix the problem. There is no simple fix. One way to start would be first amendment push. Try to remind the nation what makes us great and emphasize the freedoms that we have. Educate people on how our rights must be exercised in order to maintain them. If our president can inspire a new wave of truly free thinkers than America will be better off as a whole.