Connor W. New Hampshire

Reduce College Tuition

College Tuition should be decreasing in price so more people have the opportunities to get a degree.

Dear Future President,

$42,000 a year for my sister to go to college at The University of New England. This is not something my family just has laying around the house. My sister is already having to file for loans and she is only in her freshman year of college. With this money having to be saved for college these days, my family and I haven’t been able to do several activities kids should be able to experience growing up. Some families can’t even afford college but they need a degree for the outside world in some of the jobs they want to pursue. College Tuition should be decreasing in price so more people have the opportunities to get a degree.

Why do students need serious debts coming out of college? The answer is they don't but because of the the spike in price college tuition is today they have to pay serious amounts of money just to get an education. Since the tuition is so high the percentage of kids that can afford college is dropping rapidly.

Although community college is available to everyone the majority of people are not able to afford it without going into serious debts. Instead of the government trying to fix the issue all they are doing is trying to avoid the subject by talking their way around it. If the government doesn’t take a chance to move the college tuition rate to a lower price then they will realize that many jobs are not going to be filled and that the amount of jobs that require a degree will not have as many workers than it has ever been before. Through education the society of the world is receiving benefits than ever imaginable. As well as society benefits, whoever receives the education will also have tremendous personal benefits.

Over the years the amount of money a family makes has changed as well, so due to the fact of that changing the price of college has to change as well. But when college tuition has a tremendous difference in pricing over forty-two years then something becomes suspicious. 13,000 dollars a year was the wage of a median family in 1974. To be able to go to a private college it costed 2,000 dollars a year and for a public university it was only 510 dollars a year. Now the income of a median family is 64,000 dollars a year. Currently to be able to go to a private college now it is 31,000 dollars a year and to attend a public one it around 9,000 dollars a year. (Davidson 1)

Considering the numbers that are shown above the price of private college shouldn’t have jumped as much as it did during the years. The change in these prices is an 1,550% increase in the amount of money college is costing now to be able to go to. This money that is being spent could have been spent on alternative items but since most people want a college degree they are having to put themselves in debt just to be able to afford it.

With all these different ways why kids aren’t able to go to college the government has to step in eventually. If small gestures were made to help the students get an education and degree then the need for higher jobs will decrease because there will be more people to fill the positions. The amount of degrees being given out each year if the College Tuition rate would just decrease. It takes time but the consideration of tuition dropping could help many people in achieving their dreams.



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