Brendan C. New Hampshire

Police Brutality

The concerns and problems influenced by police brutality.

Dear next president,

Police brutality within America is getting out of hand. Police brutality is the use of any force exceeding that reasonably necessary to accomplish lawful police purpose. This epidemic has swept the nation in a negative manner. Something needs to be done, this problem has to be stopped. Just last year alone, 1,200 people were gunned down and killed by the police. So far in 2016 roughly 844 people have already been killed by the police. (All these statistics according to Many families have been impacted negatively due to their loved ones being killed by the police. It has waged a war versus police and civilians. There has been a great deal of civil rights movements. One group in particular called “Black Lives Matter” is an “international activist movement, originating in the African American community, that campaigns against violence and the systemic racism towards black people”( The police is dividing our country, when in actuality it should be bringing us together and making us feel safe.

People believe this epidemic is caused by the lack of police experience and knowledge. Considering you only need a high school degree to become a police officer is unsettling for some people. The lack of experience does impact how police react in certain situations. Police abuse their powers, such as their authority and superiority. Police officers feel like they are invincible just because of their gun and badge. They become infatuated with the idea that they’re above the law. The lack of experience and knowledge affects the citizens directly. All the lives lost from police shootings, affect the families of the lost ones directly. The family’s friends become furious and the word spreads. And in this day and age with technology no one is safe when it comes to keeping stuff a secret. Personally whenever I go on social media I see videos of police shootings for the public to see. Most, if not all the time the victim is innocent and not armed with a firearm. This is why people become so furious with the police. The select police that are inexperienced don’t know how to act in hostile situations so they act irrational.

This problem needs to be solved immediately, for the better good of America. We want a society where we feel safe and protected. The police are supposed to be with us, not against us. Police need to learn how to treat people as equals and not look down upon them. The title of a “police officer” seems to get in some officer’s heads. Police officers should have required training in hostile situations a couple times a month. Lack of experience is a crucial part of police brutality. The officers simply do not know how to control certain situations. Also officers need firearm lessons. Not only do should they know how to shoot it properly but also when it is appropriate to use it.

Please note: all police officers are not inexperienced, many are very well trained and respected.