Kiana Maine

Words Matter

As an insignificant but individual Maine student, I recommend that you look before you leap.

Dear Future President,

I don’t really have much to say about certain topics across the U.S.. However, I’d like to voice a few concerns about how you address your newly attained presidential power and how you will uphold and/or improve the States’ reputation. How you present yourself, how you speak, your demeanor, your statements, all of that is extremely important. You can either start a burning riot or you can heal the relationship between government and citizen.

As president, your job is not to lead our country, at least from my perspective. Your job is to maintain it. Please be careful with what you say. In this day and age, many people around me get so angry so quickly. They will try to change what you say to convince others into believing something untrue. Stay neutral when making speeches, or instruct the people who write your speeches to stay neutral. Don’t start anything accidentally that you never intended. No-one is as friendly as they used to be, and many read into what you say far more than what it was intended. Follow examples of great leaders and don’t get ahead of yourself.

I know it’s not that simple. I know that’s not how the government works. But, having an attentive and positive mindset can help you immensely.


Kiana from Maine