Sean B. New Hampshire

We Need Immigration Reforms

Dear Next President of the United States,

I would like to address one of the biggest issues that has been around for years in our country. It has taken place within our great nation with no solution in sight. It is the problem of illegal immigration that has now affected our schools, jobs, hospitals and cities. It has resulted in countless crimes that are not only committed by crossing our borders illegally as well as violence across our the country. In 2014, the number of illegal immigrants has grown to 11.1 million which represents 3.5% of our population. If this continues, it will weaken our culture as citizens living in the U.S. Our country has always been about immigration. Since our beginning, we have allowed people from all over the world to come to America. This has been done for over 240 years. The legal entry into the United States and the process of making everyone an American has been one of the key reasons for our global success. For the the past thirty years or more, we have allowed this policy of lawful path to citizenship to diminish under the U.S. Constitution. The lack of control that we have with illegal immigration will only improve if we take the steps needed to enforce our laws that are currently in effect.

In 2014, a large group of immigrants from Central America came into the United States due to problems in their own countries. The problem with these people coming in illegally is that now they are allowed to stay for several more years at the cost of the U.S. government. These people are not being deported due to a shortage in manpower to handle all of these cases. Once someone enters the country illegally, they should be sent back or deported to their home country. This is not happening. The delay in deporting these illegal immigrants is being done as a cost savings measure. It is stated by the Department of Homeland Security that this is due to a lapse in enforcement for more than 56,000 people. If that is the case, then we must hire and train the appropriate number of staff to simply allow for deportation. This is an unacceptable policy that is in place that now puts everyone else at risk. It seems that allowing these delays is a much greater cost than what it would take to enforce the laws. This is not right and needs to be changed immediately.

In 2015, the Department of Homeland Security started using GPS ankle monitors. This was because many people who were captured after entering the country illegally did not appear in court. This fact only increases my concern for our safety. This problem keeps growing because more people are entering the country illegally every day. This has led to chaos in our country and on the borders because we do not have a firm process for illegal immigrants. As you can see, illegal immigration is affecting the safety of a large portion of the U.S population and we need your help. I am looking for someone that can stop illegal immigration from getting worse and to protect our country from terrorists.


Sean Burns

Exeter High School

Exeter High School Freshman English

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