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Depression in Teens Today

Depression affects teens all over the world. Teens have problems because of this, and it effects their daily lives. We need to find more solutions to help kids deal with this problem.

Dear President,

Today teens all over the globe are struggling with depression. Some teens’ depression is caused by an event, such as divorce, but other teens depression lies within the mind itself—not just triggered by an event. Depression is a real problem in teens today, and some do things that should never happen.

Teens have the problems of not only depression, but the thoughts that come with it. Some teens have experienced suicidal thoughts. Suicide in teens has tripled since 1960 and is the third highest cause of teenage deaths. Depression accompanies thoughts of suicide, and in turn, may be not just thoughts, but actions. Teens today have a huge problem with suicide, and they sometimes have to struggle with these thoughts on their own.

Anger, irritability, and agitation are problems that comes with depression, and they affect teens as well. Teens don’t always just appear sad, they may have anger, irritability, and agitation, thus proving that depression isn’t always just being in the doldrums all the time. These effects are sometimes another lead to teens having depression as well.

Antidepressants don’t always work either. Antidepressants sometimes make things worse. They could be more irritable, they could have worse anxiety, they also might even become more angry and violent. Antidepressants could help some teens, though, sometimes it takes years to find the right combination of medicine to help them with their depression.

So, is depression in teen a problem? Of course it is. Can we do something about it? Maybe. It all depends on the friends and family of the teens and the teens themselves. If they don’t want to be helped, they can’t help themselves. Teenage depression is growing every year, it just takes someone to help the teens with depression, someone in their lives that they trust, that can make a huge difference.


A Concerned Student

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