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A large amount of students today plan on attending college after graduating high school, but some students with low-income, may not have the chance to do so due to the price of college tuition. there needs to be a reform in college tuition and more college programs set in place.

Dear Future President,

Recently, one of the most common issues teens are involved in today's society is the ability to find an adequate and affordable college. College is seen as a necessity to one's financial wealth and career success. However, not every college graduate is guaranteed success. Combine the success rate with the college debt in today's financial status of society and the results of success after college decrease. There needs to be a solution to the increased expense and decreased benefits.

Many teens today, like myself, face a major issue- college tuition. College tuition has increased drastically over a short period of time. At public four-year colleges, the tuition has increased “13% in 2015 dollars over the five years from 2010-11 to 2015-16, following a 24% increase between 2005-06 and 2010-11” according to College boards article “Trends in Higher Education”. The increase is insane. The cost of an affordable college is dire to one's success after school. More programs should be introduced to schools like The Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program to help low wage/ income students and families afford the college of their liking. Not being able to afford a college or other schooling is a serious issue among seniors in high school.

Mr. or Mrs. President, we need your help in solving these problems today. How do you expect someone to achieve a financially stable and society enhancing career when they could not afford to pay for college? When most jobs require a college education, why make it so complicated to achieve a college diploma? unfortunately , my father did not grant me a generous loan, so now I am expected to pay for my own college. I have to now rely on scholarships and trying to conceal a career after college to pay off the immense amount of debt I will be in, but thank goodness for my college diploma.


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