C.C. Louisiana

Gun Violence Advice

This is an essay on what should be changed about gun laws.

Dear Future President,

In 2012, there were approximately 29.7 million homicides by firearms in the United States. This should be a huge concern considering that the country with the second highest homicides by firearms was 7.7 million. I’m not saying that 7.7 million is better, but I know that 29.7 million is significantly worse. I am not saying that guns should be removed from the US completely, but I do think that there should be some sort of revisions on the gun license test and limitations on who can purchase a firearm. If this happens, you and the citizens of the United States of America should see positive results overtime.

Data from MotherJones in 2013 shows that there is a positive correlation between gun ownership and gun related deaths by state. This basically means that the more guns present in different households, the more deaths caused by guns. More than half of these guns were legally purchased which is why the government should revise the gun license test. The revision can help decide who is capable of owning and properly storing a gun. The people who shouldn’t be in possession of a firearm will simply not get one. The fewer amount of guns the USA has, the better.

Another problem with gun violence is that it seems like almost anyone can purchase a gun. The reason this is a problem is because a large number of the people who play a part in gun violence have an issue or illness that can sometimes be problematic. According to Vox’s article “America’s gun problem, explained”, Jonathan Metzl, a mental health expert at Vanderbilt University states,”...it’s true that an extraordinary amount of mass shooters (up to 60 percent) have some kind of psychiatric or psychological symptoms...other factors are much better predictors of gun violence: substance abuse, poverty, history of violence, and, yes, access to guns.” This quote shows that people with certain habits, illnesses, and situations can obtain guns as well as other people of the US.

I am aware that some people care more about the second amendment than the actual safety of the citizens of our countries, but I honestly think that the innocent lives of the people living in America matter more than the the “right of the people to keep and bear Arms”. I am not saying that the right to bear arms should be taken away from people, but I am saying that people should care about other people's lives. I know it may be easy to gain a gun, but I want it to be harder to take a life.

In conclusion, revisions to the gun license test should be made to prevent people who do not display the responsibilities or capabilities to own a gun. If these people do have their hands on a firearm, many people can be injured on even killed. Some people don’t care about the consequences of giving a gun to someone who shouldn’t own one. My point, however, should be taken into consideration because not only will people’s second amendment still remain, the country will also be a much safer place for the youth and the rest of the United States of America.


C. C.