Arren M. Louisiana

The Fight For One, Not For All

Some people think about the black lives matter protest and agree,but I think that all lives matter.

Dear Mr. /Mrs. President,

“Black lives matter”,... “No, all lives matter!”.Because of the shootings, many African American people have participated in the Black Lives Matter protest.The problem is the protests have gotten out of hand and people are getting killed.As the next president you need to put a restraint around the protests and try to put an end to them.

One step you can take is you can prevent the shootings.Many cops have been shot in the line of duty because of the protests.In 20015 38 cops were shot, CNN commented.Today it seems as if it has only gotten worse.Still, many live are taken, but the officers should not have to die because someone broke the law, when no one thinks they are guilty.

Shootings aren’t the only problem.You don’t have a solution to the protests. The Newswire Association has studies that show that neither candidate has a solution.Like I said, the protests have caused more deaths than necessary. Mr. /Mrs. President with protests continuing there will be more havoc so try to find a way to put an end to the nonsense.

Finally,I propose that if we had more community events there could be less discrimination against black people.The Newswire Association also says that 91% of people discriminate against black people.If we had more community events such as music tours, races, and community service projects etc. People may realize that African American people are the same as white people.

Mr. /Mrs. President as I have previously said, please pay attention to a large problem of racial inequality.Although it is a large problem, if more actions are taken to stop racial inequality it could be eliminated.I would greatly appreciate it if you would take more steps to end what seems to be a nation wide problem.


Arren Murphy

Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy

Gifted English Grades 6&7

Gifted English writers of Patrick F. Taylor Academy.

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