Tate B. Louisiana


People in the US deserve to keep their guns.

People Deserve Their Guns

Dear Future President,

I believe that the people of the United States deserve to keep their second amendment right. I think everyone should have to take a test every few years to be sure that they still know how to operate the gun correctly. If someone doesn't pass the test, they don' get to buy the gun or own the gun until they do pass the test. 

Guns are important to the people that have them. Guns are how people get their meat. Guns are how people protect themselves in serious situations. Guns bring happiness to people. If someone was to rob somebody's house, without guns, how would that person back the robber down and out of his house? Guns are used for many reasons in the United States. 

People of the United States deserve to keep our right to bear arms. The second amendment has been taken advantage of by a good bit of people. It has also been used to good advantages like protecting ourselves, feeding ourselves and having a good time. People should take a test every few years just to refresh their minds about the law and how to use them and use them safely without hurting yourself or anybody else. 

Sincerely, Tate Branton

Delta Charter School

DCS US History

Delta Charter School U.S. History classes

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