Emily L. Michigan

Wage Gap

Wage gap is something that most people have to deal with. It is unfair that women have to deal with being paid less when they do the same jobs as men.

Dear Future President,

Pay is fine. Everyone is already being paid what they earn. If you think this keep reading because this paper is about that, the wage gap. There is a wage gap between men and women. Women do the exact same job as men and they get paid less for it. They get paid on average 78¢ for every dollar that a man makes. It is unfair. The wage gap should be eliminated so that everyone alike men, women, and minorities are all paid the same. A good example of the wage gap is the Women’s National Soccer Team. The players on the team only get paid if they win where the men get paid just for being on the team. The players on the women's team are reaching out to everyone about equal pay in hopes to eliminate it. They have had shirts made with the phrase “Equal Play Equal Pay” and wear them when being interviewed and at public events. They have also made temporary tattoos with the saying on them to wear at games while they play. The team is fighting hard to not only reach equal pay for themselves but for all women alike.

Why shouldn't people be paid the same? Is there even a wage gap? People are still surprised that women on average are paid 78¢ for every dollar that a man makes. Why though? Don't we do the same work at the same job, so why not be paid the same? The Women's National Soccer Team practices hard and works hard to win just like the Men's team but yet they are only paid when they win where the men are paid just for being on the team. The Women’s team has won more major titles like the gold medal at the Olympics and the world cup than men. This is not fair. Everyone works. It’s just a part of life. When you are a kid your job is to go to school and learn. As a teen you work at local shops earning minimum wage. Then at college you are working whenever you are not at college. After you graduate you finally get the higher paying job and earn bonuses, raises, promotions, and much more. When it is time for retirement you have the job of just living off the money that you made in your long life. Trying to check off everything off your bucket list. No matter how old you are you are always working. “According to an article in Fortune magazine, “the average woman will make $430,480 less than her male counterpart over the course of 40 years of work.” Does this seem fair to you?” We all work so why not be paid the same for it?

“You have a daughter. Do you want this to happen to your daughter? Do you want her to be discriminated against?” Not only do you have to think of all the people in America but your family is a part of that. Do want your daughter to be paid differently just because of her gender? I would hope that you don’t. This is why I believe that equal pay is important and a matter that you can solve. Not only for all the women struggling with this issue but for your own family.


Emily L.

Royal Oak High School

Royal Oak Ravens

High school juniors and seniors from Royal Oak, Michigan.

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