Jessica S. Michigan

The Wage Gap Impacts Us All

Challenging the issues with the gender wage gap.

Dear Future President,

There are many problems and epidemics that face our country today, but there is one that is of overwhelming in priority in my life and in my mind. In a broad scope, this issue is equality, or rather the lack thereof. More specifically, I am talking about the issue of the wage gap within our country's workforce. Now, I do not think that you are naive to this issue, you do in fact probably have more knowledge than me, but I would like to explain to you just how important this issue is to me.

The issue of inequality is not one that is new to our country or even to the world. Certain people have struggled with being thought of and treated as less than since the very first humans civilizations came onto the scene. Because of this it is not surprising that it is something that we struggle with today, but does that make it any less wrong? The world has taken some large steps against discrimination but I think we all could agree that we are nowhere near perfect and still have quite a ways to go.

Families are suffering from having one unit of their income bringing in not as much as they should be. This leaves families with less money for discretionary spending as well as essentials. Ultimately, this creates stress for the family unit. Families would spend less time worried about how they may pay their water bill or for groceries. Families can take the time that they would spend debating whether or not to take out a second mortgage on their home and instead redirect that into time spent with each other. We have all been there soaking in the precious time of family game or movie nights. This time, this energy may be used to strengthen a family's bond rather than tear them apart.

If the wage gap was eliminated not only would individual families but communities as a whole will benefit as well. Research has shown that when women make more, they automatically put more money into their communities. A study was done in Africa where women were allowed to create their own businesses. Some of these women were making their own money for the very first time in their lives. As their businesses did well, and they made money, their entire communities began to flourish around them. Improvements were made to things such as the quality of the water supply, education for children, and medical needs and supplies.

One of the biggest kickers when it comes to the wage gap is that even in in of itself, it is neither fair nor equal. Many men and women of different races are paid even less than than the lower amount that a white woman may make. In a country that is run under the assumption that “all men are created equal” how does this make sense and how can this be allowed to happen?

Some people try to say that the wage gap is just a myth and not something that is real nor practical. It is said that the notion of the wage gap is just a lie created and spread by feminists to try and get more attention for themselves. To their defense, they say that the the reason there is unequal pay is the difference of education levels. Ultimately this is not true. Studies have proven that when men and women are in the same profession with the same educational background, women have time and time again been given a lower salary.

The truth is, that closing our wage gap will cost us nothing. To level the playing field businesses should be expected to provide the same pay for the same education and for the same work. Do we want to advance our society any further or do we want to stay still, stuck in time? To advance our society we must let the other half of our population contribute and give them the recognition and the respect that they deserve for the work that they give. How else might we be a world leader? I will fight for my future, I hope that you would take this to heart and fight for me as well.

Sincerely Jessica s. 

Royal Oak High School

Royal Oak Ravens

High school juniors and seniors from Royal Oak, Michigan.

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