Julia B. Michigan

Preserving our Wildlife

The world’s wildlife populations are in major trouble, and will continue to get worse if we humans don’t do something to fix it.

Dear Next President,

It is not surprising when I say that thousands of species of wildlife are endangered. The world’s wildlife populations are in major trouble, and will continue to get worse if we humans don’t do something to fix it. People have been too ignorant of this issue, thinking that there’s always later. Well, soon, there will no longer be a “later”. Humans have developed this crazy need for natural resources, and there is simply not enough in this world to meet that need. Where are we going to be if we don’t take action in preserving our wildlife and other natural resources? What are we going to do when there’s nothing left? We are going to be stuck trying to fix an issue that we've caused and ignored for so long. Mankind needs to take initiative in this increasingly problematic issue, doing something that is both fast and effective.

Poor and careless industrial practices are severely hurting our natural world. Habitats are loss due to destruction, fragmentation, and degradation. Causes of this are agriculture, land conversion, water development, pollution, etc. Imagine having to tell your children that your home has been destroyed, and that you now have to live on the streets. This is no different than what we do to wildlife every single day. This matter is not of concern when money is involved. Almost ⅓ of threats to animal species around the world stem from trade to meet the demands of wealthier nations. Money, while very important, should not be put up against the well being for our world’s wildlife. Without our wildlife a lot of corporations and businesses would not be making any money at all. Think about what that would do to our economy. Action needs to be taken if we don’t want to face an inevitable future were we to do nothing at all.

Wildlife brings richness to our existence, and what we choose to do next is a test of our humanity. We, as mankind, need to focus on what we need in life. There is too much consuming of goods that come from our wildlife that is both unneeded and unnecessary. We are taking more than the natural world is capable of supplying. As we take more and more, humans are destroying the little beauty that is left on this planet. Do skyscrapers hold the same majesty as the elusive Siberian tiger? Are the cold, steel buildings more precious than the beating heart and purpose of a wild animal? It is not too late to stand for the last wild places that persist all around us and to reverse the decline of threatened species.

The damage we have caused and are still causing our wildlife should not be taken lightly. It is to be addressed with extensive seriousness. We cannot ignore and push it aside any longer. It is time we take initiative for our mistake, a mistake that can hardly qualify as a mistake anymore. When we are young we are taught to make up for our wrongdoings. Have we lost that precious lesson in our nearsightedness and greed? Our wildlife needs help, and we are the only ones that can fix all that we have done.


Julia B.

Royal Oak High School

Royal Oak Ravens

High school juniors and seniors from Royal Oak, Michigan.

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