Mariah F. Michigan

Dear Madame or Sir,

A major problem that is happening right now is immigration, how might you change our big immigration problem? Right now illegal immigrants are coming to America with no problem, even though there are laws against it.

The next president needs to address the immigration issue, immigrants are coming through the border and into America. We have to pay our taxes on them when they come to America. I think that we should deal with it on a more personal view, some families come to America because of their families. Then they won’t be able to be with their families anymore and they won’t be able to come back to be with their families for years. The next president needs to take a stand on immigration, for example upgrading the security.

Granting amnesty would allow for those who have come to the United States illegally to become legal citizens, to get all of the rights a U.S. citizen gets. Although if you got caught coming to America, then you couldn't come back to the United States for a few more years, then you’d be deported back to Mexico. The pathway to citizenship refers to the opportunities that are available to illegal immigrants that are wanting to become fully legal U.S. citizenship.

The immigrants are coming into our county and we are having to pay for them to come and live in the United States. We have to pay for their health bills, schooling, and the rest of their living expenses. We need to take a stand on having them come into our county and paying for all of their necessary things to live in our country. If illegal immigrants have families here and want to stay here they should come here legally.

Overall, the biggest issue that we need to face in the United States is immigration. I hope that, you, our future president whoever you may be, deals with it properly and gets rid of the issues that are making our country how it is. Therefore I hope you take this letter into consideration.


Mariah F

Ithaca Junior High School

8th Grade Social Studies - 5th Hour

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