Jordan Idaho

Women's Inequality

Although women's inequality has been dramatically improve, it still has years of improvement to come.

October 19, 2016

Dear Future President,

The United States is ranked 28th out of all countries for women's right according to Richie Bernardo in “2016’s Best and Worst States for Women’s equality.” Most of the problems are related to financial issues between men and women. With women now making up such a large portion of the US workforce, families all across the country are suffering from the poverty this situation is resulting in. Although women’s inequality has been dramatically improved, it still has years of improvement to come.

“We the people of the the United States…” is a recognizable line in the eyes of all American citizens. To us it represents our freedoms and rights as Americans. But still, women’s inequality is something that has affected the American people for 100’s of years. We the women of the United States deserve better.

Women feel as if they are living alone in a world of men. Women have been proven to more likely receive a college degree than men. However, this has no impact whatsoever on the income gap between men and women. In “For U.S. Women, Inequality Takes Many Forms,” Ariel Smilowitz points out, “By the time a college-educated woman turns 59, she will have lost almost $800,000 throughout her life due to the gender wage gap.” This is negatively impacting many US women driving some of them into poverty. Women and their families are suffering to live off of the low income they receive. Growing poverty rates are also beginning to hurt people all across the country.

American laws suggest that all of its citizens have equal rights. Yosolo Olorunshola reports, “Over 150 countries have at least one actively sexist law.” And yes, the US is no exception. Women deserve the same rights and respect as men, and they are not receiving it. What will young women think about this? What will we tell them? Tell them they are below men, tell them they aren’t as good as men. Then what, let down all of the young girls who like Martin Luther King Jr, had a dream.

I know it is impossible to be perfect, but we could be a lot closer to perfect than we are. Men are placed above women in our society and if you would change a few laws and give equal income to both genders, then we would have already solved half of the problem. Open your eyes and face all the American women who are and have been hurt by you and former presidents because in the end, you and only you can really solve women’s inequality.



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