Alexa D. New York

Marine Pollution

Marine pollution is one of the many detrimental consequences that the human race has left on Earth.

Dear Mrs. or Mr. President,

I would like to address the issue of ocean pollution. As I’ve grown up over the years, the issue of pollution has always been present. The effects from pollution are quickly making the Earth, the thing that we depend and live off of, deteriorate at a rapid pace. The ocean, however, explicitly carries much of this pollution on its back and it’s about time we stop that.

It is said that washed up plastic in the oceans kill around 100,000 marine animals and up to 2 million birds per year. According to National Geographic, plastic is the number 1 source of pollution in our oceans. Plastic not only kills marine animals but also clogs up the ocean waters, thus making trash vortexes. The most well known vortex is the Pacific Trash Vortex. Within this vortex, there are tiny plastic particles that are commonly ingested by marine animals, later killing them. Consequently, there has been a recent increase in the number of endangered marine species. Having a surface area of the size of Texas, the Pacific Trash Vortex is something that we need to fix immediately before it gets more complicated and out of our reach. Breaking down this vortex would lead to a decrease in the number of marine deaths each year, and it would also clean up the ocean floor right beneath the vortex. However, since no country’s borders are close enough to the vortex, none have taken the initiative to solve this complication. That is why the United States has to be the leader in this campaign.

Other types of pollution found in the Earth’s oceans are man made chemicals. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides used by farmers leak into not only oceans, but also freshwater rivers and canals. This could pose a real threat to humans if the leakage of toxic chemicals continues to flow in the water we drink and survive on. Fresh, clean water should be preserved today for the people of tomorrow.

Everyone has heard the term “pollution” at least a few times in their life. But has anyone of higher authority done anything to ever help fix this issue? No. Many projects have been made, such as the Save Our Shores program, to help encourage people to stop polluting our oceans and beaches. Even though these projects have helped greatly in ending this worldwide issue, further steps must be taken to fully rid of this poisoning of our waters. As a new president, you will have most people’s full attention on current issues. By shining some light on this hidden catastrophe, the drive to restore our oceans will increase greatly.

Many governmental programs could be designed to help achieve the goal of clean oceans once and for all. One program could limit the number of chemicals and pesticides used on farms to avoid the runoff into the freshwater canals and rivers, while another program could help fund nationwide beach cleanups. Receiving grants from the Federal government that go straight to the pollution of our oceans fund could greatly change the ways in which American people think of this great issue. These grants could promote and host community cleanups and studies regarding the research of ocean pollution and how to prevent it. The government could also enact laws and policies concerning recycling, waste management, greenhouse gases and much more.

We are living on this planet which provides us with our oxygen, food, water, and shelter. We need to start taking better care of Earth or else severe consequences could occur. There are many steps that we could take, as a nation, to lower marine pollution. These steps could be taken by other nations later on to solve the same issues, but in different locations. Let us be the first nation to lead the others in the right direction.


Alexa D.

Ballston Spa High School

AP 12

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