Melissa Michigan

The Issue with Non-renewable Resources

Our economy has become dependent on nonrenewable resources. If people don't start making changes soon, it may be too late.

September 27, 2016

Dear Future President:

Throughout the past couple decades, our economy has become dependent on energy and oil. Both of these products are scarce and won't last forever. It is our generation's problem to fix and to make a changes in this world. There just are not enough resources left in the world to continue to support our current lifestyle.

One of the biggest drawbacks, when it comes to emitting gas, is cars. Car companies could help this issue, but are controlled by oil industries. They have the technology to create vehicles that take less gas per mile, but are compelled by big name oil industries, so they can make more money. People can be so obsessed with their own profit to see the problems at hand. To help solve this issue, we need to go to the source of the problem: Oil corporations. Oil corporations are the ones struggling to obtain more oil, but they're also the ones selling massive amounts with no restrictions. Take a stand and put a stop to oil corporations buying out car companies to make a quick buck. Set limitations on how much oil corporations put out into the economy. Also give car companies the opportunity to transform their car models into eco friendly cars that will take less gas per mile or plan electric cars.

Energy and oil are not just used to help power cars, homes etc; they are also used in pesticides that help produce the food we eat, as well as, planting, harvesting, packaging, transportation and marketing.

One way to help solve this situation is to make people aware of what is going on around them. Most Americans don't realize how unacceptable the problem is becoming. Most people don't even watch the news to be able to know what is going on around them. First, start with young kids and make teachers talking about current events in school. Introduce more classes that can teach students how to help the economy and the environment they live in, todays classes in school educate children about our past, the only way to help our current economy is to help kids realize the current situation. Most adults will have a hard time changing their current lifestyle, so the only way to make a difference is to teach our youth how to fix the problems that we have.

There are also ways that we can make a difference now. Look into different alternative for oil, and put more money into these alternatives instead of the hunt to find more oil. Even though oil is the cheapest way, there are other alternatives we can use. There are plenty of other resources to use instead of oil and natural gas. There is unconventional oil and gas, nuclear power, hydroelectricity, geothermal, biomass, and hydrogen. Even natural things such as wind, tide, and solar power.

If there isn't a change soon, we could face an economic crisis. The weight of this problem is on your shoulders, Mr. Future President, and I hope you help the problem