Jason S. New York

Tax Policy

Taxes help the government provide for the people which is why it's essential for citizens to pay taxes. However, the working class pays more tax percentage wise than that of the upper class. The tax policy needs to be improved so there is equal opportunities for everyone to rise.

     Dear Mr. or Madam President,

I am writing this letter to address a issue that I personally think is a rising problem in our country. I am currently a high school student that has done some research on the tax policy and the statistics of it. To my knowledge, taxes are essential, and allows the government to provide for the people's need. However, the wealth distribution makes the tax policy a bit rigged. The poor is getting poorer while the rich is just getting richer within the years. 

According to a statistics, the poorest 20% of Americans pay 10.9% of their income, 9.4% for the middle class, and 5.4% for the top 1% of Americans. Aside from the unemployment rate, the tax system is rather flipped upside down. I realize that many moguls and successful people contribute a lot to our country and infrastructure, but many of the working class are barely scraping by with their minimum wage jobs while the rich are enjoying their luxurious lifestyles. I myself, had a job that payed minimum wage for a certain amount of time. The amount of money deducted by the tax was horrifying. If I had to make a living with that money, I would be struggling quite a bit. Personally, I believe that the rich should contribute more to the society without trying to get recognition for it. Instead, they should be happy that they're leading the country economically. 

Therefore, I propose lowering the tax on the lower and middle class while increasing the tax on the upper class. The increase can be marginal because just a 1% increase on the upper class can be equivalent to increasing the tax on the middle class by 5%.

Making this adjustment would most likely close the gap between the poor and rich by a bit at first, but it'll increase exponentially. However, if the change is too sudden or too much, it'll cause an upset coming from the upper class. I leave it in your hands to figure out the best way to resolve the current tax policy. I only wanted to contribute my two cents as a citizen who cares about this country. I hope you will make the best decision. 

                                                                                                                                   Sincerely, Jason Shi

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