Aubrey Missouri


The next president should tackle the large pollution issue in the United States.

Dear Future President,

Pollution is and has been a prevalent issue in the United States. To be specific, several cities in several states have large amounts of air/water pollution, causing things like smog and dirty water. My question today is: What will you do to clean up America?

According to, The United States is one of the top 5 most polluting countries. But I feel that with proper reform and regulation, we can reduce this and cause less pollution. Also, according to, engineers have created a 50-state plan to convert to renewable energy. Will you implement this, or come up with something better? Renewable energy would be the best and safest alternative to fossil fuels, without causing much to any carbon emissions.

According to, Renewable energy has many benefits economically and environmentally. The largest issue these changes present is that the businesses that make money off of fossil fuels would not be able to sell their goods anymore, but I have a solution for that too. I propose that they are supplied with the money and materials to begin the creation of a renewable energy farm of some kind, as opposed to a coalmine. Hopefully, this will save many people from being put out of work.

Also, there are some cities in the US that have much more pollution than others. According to, a majority of the most polluted cities in the US are in California. This means that if we can’t implement a 50-state change, we should at least find a way to reduce California’s pollution. For this, I suggest that windmills are created in the rural regions where most of the pollution is, in order to convert to renewable energy and potentially thin out the air pollution in the area.

Finally, even though many do not believe that climate change/pollution is a large issue in America, will you make the right decision about it regardless of the party lines? Because there are many studies that lead us to believe that there are potential disasters that the Earth may face if we allow renewable energy to be shot down by uneducated congressmen. I think that after all of the issues in places like India and China, it would be preposterous to ignore the negative impacts of fossil fuels and continue down this potentially destructive path. In conclusion, I strongly urge you, our next president, to take a stand against the hurt that we are causing to the environment, and protect our future generations.


Aubrey T.


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Bakersfield-Delano, California, where the smog is visible.