Johanny M. New York

Let's Make a Change, Starting with You.

Immigration has been a matter that has not been addressed much in the presidential debate. As the new president, you are able to make better choices and not let this country slip through your fingers. With this letter, I hope you understand and view the importance of a crucial issue: immigration.

 Dear President,

        Congratulations on becoming the 45th President of the United States. Immigration has been an important matter in our country especially during this past election. However, now that you are the new President of the United States, what would be your goal for the immigrants in our country be? Immigrants should be able to have the exact same rights as regular citizens. For example, they should be able to take the citizenship test without the pressures that currently exist. Have you ever felt out of place? That is exactly how immigrants feel, especially when the pressures of language, cultural differences, and job opportunities impact immigrants daily.  Immigrants feel that they do not have a stable place in society. Immigrants are good for the jobs that others do not want to do however, deportation is still inevitable if anyone who is of a higher authority than immigrants does not want them here anymore. 

        Society can be a fairly discriminatory place for immigrants.  Immigrants have experienced discrimination during this election because they are not allowed to vote and express their opinions. They should be allowed due to the fact that they are humans and they deserve the human right to express their opinions about the country in which they live. I understand that there is a process to become a United States citizen.  I do not want to tell you how to be president but this is just an issue that has been very important to me and my family. Hope you have an amazing time as president. Congratulations again and I hope you can take these suggestions into consideration.


Johanny Monsanto                   

Repertory Company High School

Period 4

Letters to our Future President

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