Kathleen W. Utah

Protect Our Planet

Our environment is collapsing at an increasing rate, we need to take action soon to protect us and the planet we live on.

Dear Future President,

I strongly believe that this topic that I am writing about is the one we should focus on in the upcoming years until solved; our environment. Our environment is continually going downhill and getting dirtier. We need to educate every human being on how our actions impact our planet. We need to nourish and take care of where we live, where we grow. However, our environment is getting worse day by day because of the manmade technological advancement in the this era, human actions. Environmental pollution has become the biggest problem we are facing today, we need a solution.

There is very strong evidence that shows how global sea level is now rising at an increased rate, and will continue to do so. Water heats up and expands, this is a prolific cause of sea level rising. One of the main reasons sea level is rising is the burning of fossil fuels and human activities, which release many gases into the atmosphere. This leads to thermal expansion. Thermal expansion is the heating and expanding of water, which then changes the depths of the water levels. In the next half of this century the sea level is expected to rise another 0.3 inches. Because of the melting ice glaciers and rising temperatures, the sea level is raising large amounts per year. In years, the sea could potentially rise as much as two feet causing huge problems to the shore and people living there.

Most of these problems are caused by humans. We must strive to protect our planet and to stop these problems from continuing. It is us, the community, that need to make a change.

Judge Memorial

JM English, periods 5 & 6

Students in Mr. Sloan's AP English Language and Composition class

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