Noah B. Indiana

The High Cost of Campaigns

A plea to regulate campaign spending and put the money towards more important issues.

Dear President,

I would like to start off by congratulating you on your successful campaign to the Presidency. However, I would also like to discuss not only your campaign but the presidential campaign in general. I’m sure you are aware that on this very day, October 5, 2016, money spent on the presidential campaign amongst all parties as a grand total has reached an all-time high soaring above one billion dollars. Now I understand that to you, a successful participant in this campaign, this may seem like a necessary expense; however, I am not yet convinced. One billion dollars alone is a lot of money to be spent on just endorsing one’s self, especially if you take into consideration that about half a billion dollars was spent by candidates that dropped out months ago. I understand that this money originated from donations that these individual candidates received excluding any money that the candidate may front his or herself, but does that make it okay?

I want you to ask yourself, is it better for I, the President of the United States to win votes through the exploitation of other people’s money to endorse my name or is it better to win votes because of the actions I have made and the character that I have? I personally think that campaign spending should be limited, but how you might ask? Well one thing that could benefit our country and limit campaign spending at the same time is if it were required to have one to one spending, meaning for every dollar spent on one's campaign a dollar must be donated in some sort of charitable way. This would not only make our country a better place but it would also help the views citizens have of candidates and would show the character they have. Therefore, it would become a part of the campaign in a charitable manner.

Where does our country need donations you might ask? Well one instance that is a major part of our country is public schools and education. For example I had to type this letter to you on my own personal smartphone because we can't keep enough computers working in class for every student to use. An even bigger issue to tackle is the costs of college. I am a junior in high school right now and I, like many of my peers, have come to the realization that I will graduate from college with a large sum of student loans which we may never manage to pay off.

So, as the President of the United States of America I am asking you to think long and hard about the money spent on campaigns and what you can do to make our country a better place. Whether it's leading by example or passing a bill that would limit spending to a more reasonable sum; I trust that you will do the right thing. I once again would like to congratulate you on your successful campaign to the Presidency and I hope that God may be by your side throughout your Presidential term.