Jasmine W. Indiana

guns control

Too many people getting killed for no reason by the cops

Dear Mrs.Future president, My name is Jasmine Watson and I live in Fort Wayne Indiana and I go to Miami Middle School.

I want to tell you how I feel about to many people that are being killed by cops for no reason.I believe this because on news they be saying that someone got killed by the police,like they be saying a black unarmed man was shot and killed by the cops and the cops was all white they say they shot the innocent black man because they saw him reaching for something and they thought it was a gun.

I believe if the police where held to a higher standard they would think twice about there actions and if they have to shoot a person they will not shoot to kill unless it is absolutely necessary!

I believe that most police are good I just feel so sorry for the families that have lost there loved ones.

By:Jasmine Watson