Olivia S. Indiana

Is College Too Expensive?

Growing concern over the high cost of college tuition.

Dear Future President,

I am writing to you today as I am greatly concerned about the current cost of college. As of October of 2015, only 69.7 percent of students had enrolled in college. That percentage is estimated to be the lowest it has been in a decade. I am fully aware that there are other reasons other than the cost of college that prevents students from enrolling or attending, however, it is a major reason of why students decide not to go. Many students put into perspective the thought of going into the work force right after high school and coming out on top by making money immediately, and the thought of going to college and going straight into debt, due to the cost of college. In order to become more informed on this situation, I did in-depth research and found that Harvey Mudd College, located in Claremont, California, costs $67,225 a year. If you follow a 4-year track, the total cost ends up being over $250,000, which amounts to more than what my house cost. I am currently a junior in high school, ranked in the top half of my class, and I am left constantly wondering if I’ll be able to put my academic abilities to use after high school due to the cost of college. I’ve had to give up a sport in order to get a job and bring in money to put back for college. This is a major issue Future President, as your actions are needed in order to fix this problem.

As a “middle of the row” family, we tend to struggle the most when it comes to paying for college. The upper class families have the money needed to pay for college, as they are above average for financial needs. The lower class is eligible for all of the financial aid handed out to make it easier for them. They receive so many waivers, grants, and scholarships that they are able to go to school for very cheap as well. It’s the middle class that is left to fend for their own, the ones that are just getting by as is, and can’t necessarily afford all of the debt that paying for college will bring them. That is a major concern, as not being able to afford college, should not be a reason you are put at the bottom of the totem pole and discriminated against by not receiving a college degree. The cost of college increasingly rises each and every year, as professors are getting paid more and more. Not to mention, some of your money goes to the athletic department, as it is a high-demanding business nowadays. Something has to be done about this.

You see Future President, in today’s society, it is nearly impossible to receive a high- paying job without a college degree. If college was reasonably affordable for everybody, then I would understand that being a standard. In comparison between a person with a college degree and a person who couldn’t afford a college degree, with both people having the same work ability, that shouldn’t be the factor favoring one over the other. I write to you today, Future President, urging you to resolve this reoccurring problem in our nation so juniors in high school like myself, are not constantly worrying about being able to afford college and discriminated against for not receiving a college degree.

Thank you again for taking the time to read my letter,