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Campaign Funds

The amount of money that is required to run for office is too much

 Dear Next President:

I am a student at West Albany High School. The amount of funds that is required in order to run for office is too much. The campaign impacts a multitude of factors in our country as well as in others. For starters it can affect taxations that could either help build or potentially destroy businesses in the country. Then we get to people's freedoms and their income. If the wrong man/woman is elected then your income could decrease and what you are allowed to do could be changed or harder to do.

Many arguments can be made on why you would only want those who have an exponential amount of money be able to run for office. One could be that they are successful and know how to run a business and that is normally the type of person you would want to run the country. Another is that they could be doing this for the country itself. If it is a candidate who doesn’t have an above average income,  they could be doing this for their own personal use. That is not who you would want to be Chief in office.

If an individual running for office isn't qualified by the majorities choosing then the outcomes could be catastrophic. Now I know you're thinking that the process is made to give us the absolute best that the majority wants. That is true except for when it comes to who is our choice to “be the best” based by the votes. We only can vote on those rich enough to kickstart a campaign, even with fundraising.

Solutions aren't hard to come up with. If one party puts a budget on their campaigning commercials, the other side would still be able to go on with their propaganda against the opposing side. People would stop hearing as much of the side with the limit on propaganda. One solution to the problem could be putting a cap on the amount of money for your campaign. If everyone only had a certain amount for their propaganda then they would have a fair advantage. For example, people would hear equal amount of both sides and choose who they like based off of that.

I am addressing a problem that needs to be fixed. This problem is presidential election campaign funds. Nowadays, the amount of money needed to run limits the people's choices on who they would like to vote for. I’m not saying that the process of election is not right, but that it could be better then it is. So, do something about it.