Anthony M. California

Campaign Finance

The case for why you should support and prioritize campaign finance

Dear Future President,

You were elected to serve all citizens of the United States regardless of partisan divides, and to fulfill the wishes of the people. One single issue has truly transcended partisan divides this election: financing of elections. The current state of campaign finance is running counter to the very principles of democracy. Special interests and wealthy individuals can gain disproportionate influence in election and public policy through large campaign donations. This has led to large segments of the population being disillusioned with the current state of politics; the body politic has lost faith in the political system. Congress has an approval rating of only eleven percent. 

The only way to reverse this trend is a comprehensive reform of the campaign finance system, a recent study shows that 93% of Americans agree with me. Five states have already called for a constitutional convention to address this issue. It is clear that campaign finance reform is the will of the people. I propose public financing of elections, this will ensure that politicians will be elected on the basis of their merits and popular support instead of how much money they can raise. It will also ensure continuous and vigorous participation by the citizenry in the political progress. Our democracy will be the strongest it's been since its founding. You would illuminate American democracy in a time of distrust and darkness with support for this policy. If you as President push this into law, you will be placed alongside the greatest presidents and their defining policies: Lincoln's emancipation of slaves, FDR’s New Deal. Your legacy would be entrenched in that single piece of legislation. Future President, please consider this letter.

From Anthony M. of California,