Amy D. California

College Expenses

College is expensive to all who want to attend it.

Dear Next President,

I'm here to address the many dilemmas related to attending college. Throughout my high school career, I constantly had the pressure of doing well in school in order to go to a high ranking college. Not attending college is out of the question, so if I can reach out and personally ask for this change it would mean the world to me and many others. The thought of being in debt, juggling school work, and working seems like finding a needle in a haystack.

Students deserve to go to college and pay based on their financial situation. Most students agree that it's immoral for others to get a degree and be given the opportunity to succeed, whereas some drop because the value is too high. Annually the average cost of college is around 23,000 and they continue to rise each year. Statistically, about 60 percent of college students drop out of college because they're overwhelmed and can't financially support themselves. By lowing the price, students will have at least some weight off their shoulders to focus on school. Also, they will have time to join other clubs that spark their interest. America is a place full of opportunities please grant this one and help out my generation.

What do you say Mr./Mrs. President? Be the change and help bring the cost of college down. Students will be able to focus on school and quit their job to ensure they have time to expand their horizons throughout the campus. This will ensure that students will be more confident on what they want to do in the future. 

Please read this and consider the impact it could make on the community.



La Quinta High School

Nadeau Period 2

U.S. History

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