Brant D. Indiana

Education at a Cost

A look at the impact of the higher cost of a college education.

Dear President,

First off I would like to say Congratulations on winning the Presidential office for the next four years. Over the course of the next four years you will be making some big decisions that could greatly affect everyone in our nation. You will also be addressed by many problems that we face as a country and one of those problems is the cost of college. I am the youngest in my family and will be the second child in my immediate family to attend college. When my sister went off to college I quickly learned that there were countless expenses and not just things payed to the college like tuition. There are countless other expenses such as supplies, books, and don’t forget food. All of these expenses can really add up and become a burden that could affect you for years down the road, even with the financial help of scholarships.

In today’s world it is very important to obtain a college degree in order to increase your chances of landing a good paying job and to set yourself on the right track to having a bright future. However over the years the cost of college has risen dramatically and now it has became a problem for students across the United States. After students graduate from college they have developed large student loan debts causing them to be in the hole even before they enter in the work force. In 2016 the average college graduate had $37,172 in student loan debt. Paying off a loan debt can be quite a burden straight out of college, scrambling looking for a job and on top of other expenses.

College tuition and other expenses payed to the college vary from college to college, some being reasonable and others being extremely high. In 2015 the average cost for a four year in-state public college was $9,410 and the average cost for a four year in-state private college on average was $23,890. As the president I would like for you to make a move to help students navigate through college without an unbearable debt when they graduate. This problem could be solved with more financial aid and restricting the cost that colleges are charging. College is very important in our world today and the cost is restricting some from going. This may not seem like a great problem to some but it is limiting our country's future. The cost of college shouldn’t be ignored any longer and should be taken into consideration.