Jacob Pennsylvania

National Debt

The National Debt is to high and America must get it down.

Dear Next President,

The national debt is larger than ever, it’s over 19 trillion dollars. It will take years to solve, but it is possible to fix. 

The national debt has raised 10 trillion dollars since President Obama took office, eight years ago. The debt is too high for the country and too high to get into conflict with any country. I have an idea on how to solve this problem.

There is already enough conflict between the Middle East and America. We don’t have enough money to fight in war with the any other country. If we do get into a war with the Middle East, it will cost us trillions of dollars. The war on ISIS has cost America 5.5 million dollars, but we have only air attacks and no soldiers fighting ISIS so far, and when we do, that cost will make the national debt go up tremendously.

The national debt is so high because of the past wars, building better defenses, healthcare reform and social security programs and many other programs that our current President and his office have started. The past Iraq, Libya and Afghan wars cost 1.3 trillion dollars. The healthcare reform and social security programs cost the US 1.5 trillion dollars. There are many other reasons why the debt is so high.

The proposed plan I have is to hold off on fighting a war on ISIS until necessary. You should increase jobs in America and get illegal immigrants out because they are abusing the US health care system and not paying for the services. They are not paying their share of the US taxes. Lastly, I believe changing the age of Social Security to 70 years old instead of 66 could save the US money.

In conclusion, there are many ways to fix the national debt, but this is the best way in my opinion. You must make many important decisions.


Jacob R.